We teach science to expand children’s knowledge of the world.  We teach this knowledge to be remembered, not merely encountered. And we teach children the skills of scientific enquiry.  We sequence the knowledge and skills coherently to ensure progression.

Some examples of our curriculum topics include:

Spring 2020: Ecology and Sustainability

Curriculum drivers – Science, Geography and PSHCE

 Summer 2020: Aviation and Space Exploration

Curriculum drivers – Science, Design & Technology

The teaching and learning follows an A B A B pattern of investigation, scientific write up, investigation, scientific write up etc.

The investigation lesson focuses on enquiry skills and using scientific vocabulary in context. 

 The write up focuses on knowledge and using scientific vocabulary in written form.

The children go on a variety of educational visits to supplement their science learning.


The children participate in a range of science experiences beyond the classroom. For example, our year 5 children will be competing in the Full STEAM Ahead challenge organised by Inspire! and UBS. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. This hands-on, practical project will both enhance knowledge and skills in science and promote the STEAM subjects as possible future career choices. 


At Soaring Skies, the children learn that the sciences are distinct subjects and that they are an essential window through which to understand the world. Topics like organic farming, climate change and ecology are also covered in the humanities curricula. In educating the heart as well as the mind, we aim to look at the rights and wrongs of key issues as well teaching the core knowledge.