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    Our Team

    All members of the Thomas Fairchild team have a significant role to play and work collaboratively to ensure our school is a happy and positive learning environment.

    Senior Leadership Team

    Staff Member Position
    Nicole Reid Executive Headteacher
    Matthew Trahair Headteacher
    Sophie Medhurst Assistant Headteacher & SENCo
    Sophie Adams Assistant Headteacher
    Joanna Ichim Federation Assistant Headteacher



    Staff Member Position
    Eleanor Alford Nursery Class Teacher
    Maddie Dickinson Reception Class Teacher
    Jane Blackburn 1T Class Teacher
    Billie Manning 2T Class Teacher 
    Suleima Williams 3T Class Teacher
    Sean Gorman 4T Class Teacher
    Rachel Odam 5T Class Teacher
    Jessie Farley 6T Class Teacher
    Sara Valls Spanish Teacher
    Nadine Marshall Music Tutor
    Alex McKenzie Music Tutor
    Rico Lowson Music Tutor
    Alex Dmochowski Music Tutor
    Anita Hanssen Art Tutor
    Tanya Morrison-Birt PE Coach


    Support Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Ariffah Begum Early Years Educator
    Victoria Archer Early Years Educator
    Aysegul Ince-Canlier Teaching Assistant
    Sophia Morrison Teaching Assistant
    Wahida Khanom Teaching Assistant
    Ilkay Avci Teaching Assistant
    Flora Dako Teaching Assistant
    Deena Varsani Teaching Assistant
    Tiffany Ocitti Teaching Assistant
    Kayleigh Euesden Teaching Assistant
    Erika Barker Teaching Assistant
    Flora Dako Teaching Assistant
    Joshua Crane Teaching Assistant
    Charlotte Ransom Teaching Assistant
    Megan Bradbury Teaching Assistant


    Catering, Breakfast & Lunch Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Benjamin Cook Catering Team
    Saada Omar Catering Team
    Mavis Oppong Catering Team
    Mary Raphael Catering Team
    Farhiyo Sharif Breakfast Club
    Barbara Archer Breakfast Club
    Shabana Khan After School Club
    Caroline Mansell After School Club
    Flora Dako After School Club


    Administrative and Premises Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Alia Choudhry Business Manager
    Beverly Dickinson Wellbeing and Enrichment Officer
    Lynn Myring Office Manager
     Cesar Correia Premises Officer