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    Language Provision

    We are proud to work closely with Hackney Education, and Children’s Integrated Speech and Language Therapy Services, as a Language Resourced Unit (LRU), offering extra speech and language therapy support for those children who need it.

    What support do we offer through our Language Resourced Unit? 

    LRU children join their peers for all their class lessons and activities, but also get a high level of extra help from SaLTs working in the school. This may include one-to-one work with the SaLT, small group sessions, in-class support or whole class sessions. The Teachers and Learning Support Assistants work closely with the SaLTs, and are highly trained and supported in helping the LRS children in their classes.

    Which children get an LRU place?  

    Places in the LRU are for:

    • Children with a severe speech disorder / difficulty

    • Children with developmental language disorder (DLD)

    To secure an LRU place the child must have already shown some progress in therapy in their current school. Places in the LRU schools are limited. To request a place you must agree for your child’s case to be discussed at a panel at Hackney Education. This panel includes a range of health and education specialists. If you are unsuccessful there may be a chance to re-apply. Your Link SaLT can support you through this process. 

    What is an LRU place like for my child? 

    Your child would be in their class as usual for most of the day, and regularly come out of class for extra SaLT support. They would have the same break times and lunch times as all the children. Your child’s teacher would be specially trained in how to adapt lessons for children with communication difficulties. Your child’s SaLT would have regular meetings with you, and your child’s progress would be formally reviewed once each year.

    How do we assess pupils in our LRU?

    The Speech and Language team use a range of assessments linked to individualised programmes of support to enable them to measure progress and set targets. These targets are regularly monitored by the SALT team in conjunction with the school’s SENCo. In addition, pupils are assessed alongside their peers using the schools’ curriculum assessment tools.

    How do we communicate with parents? 

    The SALT team meets regularly with families to discuss their child’s progress and offer support for home learning. This is in addition to the termly parent meetings carried out by class teachers. 

    Contact details
    Helen Wilson
    Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist
    Tel: 020 7683 4262