Family Learning

Family Learning

at Thomas Fairchild Community School

Autumn Term 2019

DLD Awareness Day October 18th

Speech and Language Therapists, parents, children and staff joined in with DLD (Developmental Language Disorder) Awareness Day on 18th October by thinking about the 5 words they couldn’t live without, and the importance of communication in all our lives. We had words in Bengali, Irish Gaelic, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese, as well as English! You can find out more information about DLD on  or by speaking to the Speech and Language Therapists at school



The Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project helps families on low incomes to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and supports them to give their children the healthiest possible start.

A family receives £3 of Rose Vouchers for each child, every week, or £6 if the child is under one years old. We work with some fantastic market traders in London, Liverpool and Barnsley, where the vouchers can be redeemed for a great selection of fruit and veg.

By working with the market traders, the project also benefits local markets, helping to ensure economic vibrancy through encouraging regular trade, and so maintaining local markets as important sources of healthy low-cost food.

To support families on the Rose Voucher scheme to engage with existing activities focused on health and wellbeing in their local area, distribution of the Rose Vouchers is based at children’s centres.

Staff at the children’s centres recruit those families which stand to benefit most from the vouchers, due to of their susceptibility to food poverty, dietary related health issues or other risk factors. To be eligible for Rose Vouchers families should meet the criteria for the Healthy Start voucher scheme for pregnant women and families in receipt of benefits

Thanks to the dedicated staff across all the children’s centres we work with, over the last four years over 1,000 families have been able to access more fruit and vegetables in their community.

Through utilising these existing local resources, the Rose Voucher project makes the most of local partnerships to provide the range of support needed to help families lead healthier lives.

Chefs for Families 

Our Chefs for Families event on the 25th September was a roaring success.  We raised a brilliant £3000 in total. The event was hosted by our corporate partners HelloFresh at their kitchen and social space at their headquarters in Shoreditch.  A huge thank you to our chefs on the night: Thom Eagle, Tom Hunt, Chantelle Nicholson, Sudi Piggott, Nicole Pisani, Lizzie King,  Sue Quinn who treated us all to some delicious veggie delights.


Family pottery is a 5 week course for parents and children to learn and create something using pottery techniques with a professional tutor and potter called Tunde.


A total of 10 families participated and it was mainly offered to Year 6 children and their parents/carers as it would be their last term working together in a primary school environment.


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FL pottery 2017 website At Thomas Fairchild, we value learning at every stage of life. Our parents can take part in different activities to further their learning and understanding.

Sewing 2016/17 Parents from the school and children’s centre have been attending a free 10 week sewing class funded by Hackney Learning Trust. Look at the wonderful items they have created for their families! Next class will start in January 2018.

Please click on the link below to see what they have been learning. Family Learning 2015/2016