Extended Services

Breakfast Club

We want every child at Thomas Fairchild to start the day with everything they need in order to learn effectively; a fundamental element of this is a healthy, filling breakfast. The chance to socialise with peers & adults, to keep fit & play also play an important role in readying children for the day ahead.
Children who have a space at Breakfast Club can arrive any time between 7.30 am and 8.20 am and they will be offered a selection of healthy breakfast options: a variety of cereals, toast, juice, milk, eggs, beans and pancakes. A great way to start the day! The breakfast club benefits from supplies from Greggs the bakery who are sponsored by UBS.

Lets give every child the opportunity to start the day with the right fuel for learning.


Biker’s Breakfast

Click here to find out about what Thomas Fairchild does during Biker’s Breakfast.


Play Centre

Play Centre provides out of school activities for children from Reception to Year 6.

Play Centre runs from 3:30-6:00pm Monday-Friday. The service costs £5 per child per day. We run a fantastic programme of activities delivered by professionals and provide a range of healthy, freshly cooked snacks.

We look forward to continuing the fun!

The Play Centre team.


Comments from Parents of Play Centre attendees:

“Having experienced another after-school service, I can honestly say that the Thomas Fairchild Play Centre is excellent. The staff are great and the activities are varied. I often have to wait for my children to finish up as they don’t want to leave!“

“Very pleasant and helpful staff and my kids are very happy always.”

“The staff are always caring and understanding of your child’s needs and you are able to discuss anything with staff.”

“Thank you to all the staff for making my child and family feel welcome and supported.”
“My daughter has been in other playcentres before and I didn’t like it but since she’s sent to this school and started playcentre I feel happy because I know that she is happy. I hope that this playcentre continues forever because it is really good and the staff are really polite and most of all with a beautiful smile.”​