Early Years events

Early Years school Council

We meet every week to discuss recent issues or concerns. The school council consists of two children from each class. Grizzly Bears, Polar Bears (reception classes) and Cubs (Nursery class).

Parent workshop

Parents learnt about ways in which they can help their child with their Literacy skills. We talked about how reading is taught through phonics and guided reading. Parents were able to see the resources we use and take some away with them. Miss Haidar also demonstrated a writing session and what skills children need to have before they begin to write. We talked about how encouragement and praise are crucial during the early stages of reading and writing. There will be a maths workshop to follow next week.

Autumn walk in Shoreditch Park

Reception children have been visiting Shoreditch Park during the month of October so we can investigate and learn more about weather changes during Autumn.

Whilst we visited the park we looked around in the environment to see changes that had happened. We talked about the leaves on the trees and found lots of conkers to take back to school. We collected fir cones and various coloured leaves and branches to use in our play.

Sports Day

Early Years children had lots of fun as we joined the rest of the school for Sports day in Shoreditch Park.

Children took part in a range of activities such as egg and spoon race, long jump and relay races. Many children watched on enthusiastically as parents and teachers took part in their own races. There was lots of cheering and excitement during the day.


Graduation assembly

We were very excited to have our very own graduation assembly for Reception children leaving Early Years to move up to year one. We sang songs and performed for our parents. All of us received certificates from Miss Smith or Miss King.

It was a fun and emotional day for us all! We are very proud of the Reception children and are sure they will do just as well in Year one.


iDiscover week

Early Years children took part in iDiscover week and had to investigate where the class teddy had disappeared too. We learnt how to use forensics experiments and clues to solve mysteries and make informed decisions about who may be the culprit.

Early Years school council

Early years have their own School Council which meets every week. It consists of two children from each reception class and two children from nursery. We discuss current concerns children may have with regards to playtime and how children feel at school. Children also bring ideas they or their friends in class may have for the kinds of resources they would like in the classrooms and outdoors. We also discuss trips children would like to go on and what they would like the topic to be in the role play areas. Children discuss ways in which we can solve problems that may arise due to free flow between reception and nursery children.

Early Years school council successes:

  • The early years school council suggested that we have a trip to the park to look at insects this was arranged.
  • A pirate ship for the playground was ordered as this was request that was in high demand
  • Green rules were set up for playing outside which was an idea by one of our school councillors who felt that school councillors can remind children when they are outside by showing them the green rules.
  • More outdoor equipment was ordered such as large waffles and foam bricks

Chicken Eggs  – Chick eggs arrived in Reception this month in a an incubator.  We made our own chick diaries to keep a record of what was happening every day. We could hardly hold our excitement for them to hatch and little chicks to pop out! They were so cute!

Gardening and Eco friendly Early Years

In Early Years we take special care to look after our environment and care for living things.

Calvin is our school gardener who helps us to maintain our garden areas and learn how to grow vegetable and flowers from seeds.

We use all our peelings and left over fruit for our compost bin. We collect water in our water butt. We also have a wormery which needs regular checking to see if our little friends are coping fine in their new home.

Here are some pictures of us maintaining  our garden and growing vegetables ready for spring.



Work Week

During work week we had a visit from the local Police.

We were able to try on uniform and sit in the police van and learn more about the role the police have on a day to day basis.



Autumn term

Early Years visited the Post Office to send special postcards we made for our families.  We drew what we like doing at school and wrote our names on the postcards.  Next we had to go to the school office to get our postcards franked. We had a lovely visit to the local post office and met the cashier who told us more about sending mail. Some of us even got to meet a Postman! It was really exciting waiting for the postcards to come to our house.

Black History Month

Early years have been celebrating Black history month. We learnt about two famous people-Mae Jamison (an astronaut) and Kara Walker (An artist). We made rockets and silhouette pictures inspired by them. On Monday the 20th of October we had a visit from an African drummer and story teller‚ Shola . He played the drums really well and told us a traditional African story about ‚The chicken and an eagle‚. We joined in with the actions, it was lots of fun. This month we also designed our own African masks, and tasted some bun and cheese. It was delicious!


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